Dear Girl III

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July 4, 2012 by Kristen

Dear Girl:

Stop beating yourself up for the person you once were; you’re not that girl anymore. But sometimes the guilt convinces you that you are, and you start acting like that dark shadow of your former self. Stop crawling back down into that pit when you’ve been so graciously lifted out. Don’t just wish to be someone different. Be the woman God created you to be. Not someday. Not tomorrow. Today—right now. Quit playing in the rubble. You set down your burden, only to pick it right back up again. You pray for freedom from the chains—but the next day, you’re the one securing the shackles to your own feet. Place all this at His feet and you’ll finally see it for what it truly is–that lifetime you carried around? Mere garbage on the ground. Run in the opposite direction of the past—sprint toward your future. You’ve gotten a glimpse of it. And it’s better than you ever imagined.


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