Dialogue with Dad V


May 24, 2012 by Kristen

Haven’t had time to write in awhile, but my dad  has still been awesome during my hiatus. Enjoy. Check out his other quotable quotes here, here, here, and here

Dad: That Johnny Depp. He’s a freak, but I like him.


Me: I fear what persona you will permanently take on in your old age.
Dad: I shall not know. I shall have Alzheimer’s. The problem shall be for you. I shall be happy each day.


Dad: I have to borrow your car tomorrow. So you’re going to need to take out all of the things that would disgust me by tonight.


Dad: Holy cow! How many times did you get the Jimmy John’s card punched?
Me: …huh?
Dad: Was it a guy working?
Me: …yeah.
Dad: Holy cow! I have to beg them to punch my card. He must have just been like, punch, punch, punch, punch…What a deal!


Dad: Paul, look at my card. I sent it with only four punches, and your sister came back with six more. When I go in there, I gotta twist their arm, buy 8 subs and beg, “c’mon Rocko, give me a punch!” Now we get a free sub.


Me: Dad, you can’t keep talking through television shows. You know the answers to the questions you ask!
*to Mom* This is classic attention-seeking behavior. Just like my students.
Mom: So what do you do?
Me: Ignore it. You don’t want to reinforce the behavior.
Mom: *to Dad* We’re not talking to you…
Dad: whispers It’s working…my plan is working…



2 thoughts on “Dialogue with Dad V

  1. Limdsey says:

    Haha it makes me miss living at home…. Keep them coming!

  2. MattyGFresh says:

    Holy cow, your dad needs to get on Twitter. :oD

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