On the drive


February 22, 2012 by Kristen

Concrete, cracked
weeds push their way through
Avenue to an abode,
milestones on this surface.
So much life inside,
…so much outside of it.

Parked there, the five of us in the old van
remember when God opened the door to our home?
There’s the divot where my skateboard got caught,
and I went diving into the grass.
Look at this tapestry for creativity,
simple hopscotch with sidewalk chalk.
Rhythmic sounds of a basketball echo,
sighs of frustration as ball hit backboard.
Broken sprinkler heads, dents in the sod
that look of shock, needing fresh concrete for the mailbox.
Posing for pictures. Pearls and black ties,
a door held open to a car he borrowed from a neighbor.
Celebration of the close of one chapter
with white tents, evening lights, and naive anticipation.
Barefoot on the uneven pavement; thick, humid, midnight air–
standing on tiptoes, face turned upward, face still flushes at the memory.
In that same spot, it all had to end,
courageous first moment of honesty, white flag in a final goodbye.
Tulle brushing against ground, tried to keep her dress from touching,
driving down this aisle to see her down another.

Faded, imperfect
thoughts push their way through
Unique hearth of the home,
Stories on this surface.
So much soul inside,
…so much outside of it.

On the drive.


2 thoughts on “On the drive

  1. lheathman says:

    Absolutely loved this! It made me tear up…all those wonderful memories! 🙂

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