Monday playlist. 1/16


January 16, 2012 by Kristen

Sorry for my lack of updates…they will likely be a bit scattered as this is my final semester of grad. school & it’s getting a little crazy.

1. Let Me Feel You Shine–David Crowder Band

2. Circus of Love–Benjamin Dunn and Friends

3. Eve, The Apple of My Eye–Bell XI

4. Fires–David Ramirez

5. We’ll Make It Someday–Vocal Few

6. Mr. Know It All–Kelly Clarkson

7. Summer Is Over–Jon McLaughlin feat. Sara Bareilles

Albums I Can’t Wait For:

*White Flag–Passion 2013–Available March 13th
*Iver’s new EP–Release Date TBA


One thought on “Monday playlist. 1/16

  1. Jamie says:

    Since I got Spotify I don’t buy as much music except the stuff I couldn’t bear to be without if there was no 3G. And #7 makes that cut.

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