It impresses me when…


December 10, 2011 by Kristen

Enjoy your daily dose of snark.

-You squeal your tires and drive out of the parking lot at Nascar speeds. It doesn’t matter what type of car you’re driving, I think you’re the coolest.

-Every other word out of your mouth is a curse word. Your wide range of vocabulary and grasp of the English language leaves me speechless.

-You tip 5% or less when dining out.  Financial wizardry. And you’re right…she did forget to bring  your 4th water refill, so it’s what she deserves.

-You tell countless stories about how wasted you were/are. You seem so fun! Tell me more!

-Another girl hit on you? Wow, I suddenly want you more. I mean,  if so many other girls find you attractive, the only logical conclusion is that I must swoon over you too, right?

-You liked their EP before they went mainstream. I feel even more impressed when you remind me that you saw them before me. At an intimate show in someone’s loft apartment. Before they sold out.

-You walk through the door in front of me. I like the reminder that men and women are equal and there shouldn’t be special treatment.

-You get into a fight to assert your manliness. Over something important, like a sports team or parking spot.

Ladies, what else impresses you? 


2 thoughts on “It impresses me when…

  1. HEY. That fourth water refill is VERY important. Don’t make me squeal my tires at you.

  2. your blog is hilarious, love it.

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