More variations on love


December 7, 2011 by Kristen

My view of love has been evolving over the past few years. Here are some thoughts, should I hopefully meet someone I’ll love forever.

Someday, off we’ll go. On a journey where I’ll want you, for better or for worse. And you’ll want me, til death do us part. It won’t be happily ever after—because we don’t believe in fiction. Instead we’ll agree with a whisper: “You can have my forever, if I can have yours.”

Ours will be a love that fairytales aren’t made of—where no one gets rescued and no novels are written. Two half hearts won’t make one, because we know we’re just too flawed for that. Besides, sometimes I won’t like you. And you certainly won’t like me. But I’ll want all of you. And you’ll promise to stay.

It will be colorful—almost tangible, this love. Life changing and life-giving. And I won’t love you because anything. And you’ll love me because…you love me.

Someday, off we’ll go.

This is terribly unromantic to some. I find it strangely romantic. And real.


2 thoughts on “More variations on love

  1. Paul Kitti says:

    …and far too romantic for others 😉

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