Kristen’s Favorite Things


November 16, 2011 by Kristen

It’s around that time of year when Oprah would announce her favorite things. Well, since Oprah is no longer on the air, I thought I would grace you with a list of some of my favorite things. Oh, and “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!”

Yeah. No.

I was once on the fence about Oprah…this episode pushed me over the edge. I’ll leave it up to you to determine on which side I landed.

Kristen’s Favorite Things (in no particular order)

1. Yankee Candles on Clearance. Because a $30 candle is just ridiculous.
2. G00d smelling boys. Not like, doused in Axe…more along the lines of Giorgio Armani…or, you know what? Give me doused in Axe, I’m not even picky anymore. 
3. Engaging in snarky banter with my siblings. Observe this postcard I once received from my brother. 
4. Shallow television shows. The Hills, 90210, Degrassi, Pretty Little Liars. The more literature I read, the more shallow television I watch. It’s a reciprocal relationship I won’t try to explain or justify. 
5. Tim Keller podcast & his new book on marriage. Because I need all the wisdom I can glean. 
6. Men in uniform. Thank you college campus for this. 
7. A full night’s sleep. I’m talking 8-10 hours baby! Gotta get me some of that. 
8. “Quenchers” aka Meijer brand flavored sparkling water. So cheap. So great.
9. All things fuzzy/furry. This includes: slippers, blankets, socks, and my doggie
10. Getting mail in my mailbox. The outdoor mailbox.  Not bills, or credit card offers–I’m talking real letters. Can we please bring back letter writing? 

What are some of your favorite things? My list is totally comparable to Oprah’s favorite things, right? 


19 thoughts on “Kristen’s Favorite Things

  1. Wait, so…I don’t get a car? Hmph. That’s it. I’m leaving for a blog that WILL give me a car.

    Also: don’t ever settle for anyone doused in Axe. Settling for someone with such an obvious lack of good judgment is a signal that you’ve given up on life. This is not okay.

    • Kristen says:

      If you find a blog that will give you a car, send me the link, I’ll shut this bad boy down & join forces!

      Agreed, doused in Axe is not okay. Lightly spritzed? Do boys spritz?? Do they do the girl thing? Spray a little in the air and walk through it so you get a perfect amount of scent all over yourself? Give me insight!

      • I don’t have the tiniest clue of what boys do with a scent. I’ve never been able to convince myself to get into the manfume thing. I know this probably devastates you* — I’m sorry.**

        *It definitely doesn’t.
        **No I’m not. Well, I’m probably sorry about something, but I’m not sure what it is.

  2. Nick Cucco says:

    I’m with you on #2, but swap ‘boys’ with ‘babes’. Great stuff as per usual; keep it up! Once again, here’s your relevant link:

  3. No car, what!!!?? Boo. Ok, I’m over it.

    1. Because I’m a big dumb man I don’t get candles outside of a useful light tool. It’s kinda like a diaper. You buy it for the purpose of disposing of it.
    2.So you don’t like Ode to Beer, Sweat and Brut.
    4.Clearly you need a balanced diet of mental junk food.
    5.Good stuff there.
    6. Would that include the incarcerated?
    7.once again agreed
    8.sorry I’m out of the loop
    9. Would that include 2 week old leftovers?
    10.What’s a letter?

    Thanks for the post. BTW I think Oprah is the anti-Christ.

    • Kristen says:

      If Oprah has a child, that child would be the anti-Christ 😛

      The incarcerated are definitely included as men in uniform, but probably not one of my favorite things…close, but not a favorite 😉

  4. gabriella says:

    yes! a full night’s sleep is wonderful. I love not being tired! 🙂

  5. Mandie Marie says:

    My mother once said that Oprah could give away syphallis and people would be thrilled.

    I completely agree with you about letter writing and snarky conversations with siblings. Two very wonderful things.

  6. G Fresh says:

    Waking up early on days I don’t have to wake up early and realizing I can go right back to sleep.

    Getting to see my nephews which sadly only happens a couple times a year.

    Making Strawberry Kickasses for someone who’s never had them before and seeing their reaction to them.

    Brunettes, redheads and then blondes (but not out-of-the-bottle ones) in that order.

    Leading worship at my church on days when everyone is really getting into it and it seems to last forever.

    Writing a new song that I’m really excited about and that I know I’m gonna finish.

    Hugs from good smelling girls.

    Good scotch; Glen Livet or Glen Fidditch at least.

    Making somebody feel like a big deal; especially on their birthday or when I can tell they’re just feeling down.

    Hanging around a campfire with friends, booze and conversation. Also s’mores.

    • Kristen says:

      Love this list!

      I have never had a Strawberry Kick-ass. You can send me one & I will make a video of my reaction.

      What about out of the bottle red-heads? Or girls that come out of the genies?

      I want to modify my list in light of yours, adding: HUGS from good-smelling boys 🙂 Good stuff.

      • G Fresh says:

        Out of the bottle redheads are okay.

        If they shipped well, I would totally send you some Strawberry Kickasses. You saw the recipe on my blog though, right? They’re actually fairly easy to make if you ever wanted to try them yourself. 😉

      • G Fresh says:

        Oh, and I totally smell good most of the time and I’m awesome at giving hugs. 😉 😀

  7. kristin says:

    So with you on number four. Shallow tv girl, right heeeeeeeere. Here are some of my other favorite things:

    Good food. Call me a snob, but I like the taste of fresh stuff and I love cooking something fantabulous.

    Jumping in puddles. Yeah, I’m supposed to act all grown up, but I simply can’t resist doing this.

    Writing letters. No really. I don’t really care if I receive letters, but I LOVE writing them. (And maybe we could hook some sort of system up where I can write you and you can receive actual MAIL besides bills, haha!)

    My list is really endless, but those are just a few things!

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