Monday playlist. 10/14


November 14, 2011 by Kristen

A couple things…I apologize for the lack of playlist last week. My friend Nick addressed my absence quite nicely in this text, “Should have offered to guest blog you a lullaby Monday music playlist with all these all nighters you seem to be pulling.” Yes. Yes, you should have. Additionally, he was the only one who even noticed the lack of tunes. So. I don’t even feel bad about it. I actually have hurt feelings myself. 

Let’s move on.

1. Twenty Years–Augustana

2. Looking for You Again–Matthew Perryman Jones

3. Mexico–The Staves

4. And Then You–Greg Laswell

5. I Love Your Smile–Charlie Winston

6. Take It All In–Trent Dabbs

7. Be My Only–Schuyler Fisk & Tim Myers

8. Twilight Serenade–Jason Myles Goss



3 thoughts on “Monday playlist. 10/14

  1. Jamie says:

    I noticed. And I’m not just saying that since you think I didn’t notice and I want you to not think I didn’t notice.

    I’ve been grumpy about “Be My Only” since it was played in the Ugly Betty episode when Hilda got married. Loved it, went to download it legally and NOTHING. I cannot find it anywhere.

    • Kristen says:

      I hate when I can’t find songs online! Like the Charlie Winston song, I wanted to post “She Went Quietly” but it won’t be released until the 20th or some shenanigan like that.

      Good for you though, downloading things legally…

  2. Are you familiar with Theo Katzman? If not, you should become familiar with Theo Katzman. Theo Katzman Theo Katzman Theo Katzman Theo Katzman!

    I heard about him from a friend of mine, who is a musician herself:

    (I’m obligated to inform you the photo of a guitar on her site is my photo of her guitar.)

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