Monday playlist. 10/31

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October 31, 2011 by Kristen

Happy Halloween…I will now tell you something scary: Tomorrow is November. Snow is on its way. I dread the trek to class in the uncleared sidewalks. However, this means peppermint hot cocoa, fireplaces, worn-out bunny slippers, and dreamy music.

1. You Are Mine–Karla Adolphe
Isaiah 43 is one of my favorites. This is beautiful.

2. Atlantic–The Midway State
I love encountering new music on Canadian radio stations 

3. 10,000 Stones–Adrianne

4. Awake My Soul–Mumford & Sons
I visited State over this weekend. This song reminds me of walks past Morrill Hall. 

5.Fire Escape–Matthew Mayfield
I love the soul in this man’s music. 

6. Stay or Leave–Dave Matthews
Oh, Dave. 

7. Paradise–Coldplay
So Coldplay is back.


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