How do I feel about…


September 24, 2011 by Kristen

Sometimes you just need to take an inventory of how you feel about the important things in life.

Candy pumpkins.
Candy corn’s cool older brother. However, I eat one & it’s almost too much sickly sweet mellow-cream confection in just one shot. Yet I continue to go for those dang pumpkins. Everytime.

Geico vs. Allstate.
They both have great commercials. Mayhem vs. the gecko. I think I choose Mayhem.

George Lopez getting canceled.
My only question is this: How does the least funny person on earth even get a show to cancel in the first place?

Poor customer service.
I recently went to a burger joint where the service was terrible. I was told “cash only” when I tried to pay with a debit card. Luckily, my friend spotted me the two bucks I needed. I was handed my food and the worker never came back to take my payment…so “Cash or it’s free”? I liked that idea. I awkwardly left the $2.81 on the counter. Best burger of my life though. I’ll probably go back.

Teenagers and their relationships.
I see a teenage boy kiss his girlfriend and I just want to inform them both of the expiration date on their high school romance. I fight the urge…but it’s tough. Furthermore, how do parents put up with buying dinner or gifts for their son/daughter’s significant other? There will be absolutely no return on that investment. Let alone  invite them on family vacations? I would have to kindly ask the boyfriend/girlfriend to take the family picture on our trip…I don’t want to have to photoshop them out later. I’m not that tech. savvy.

All the Christian books about  hell these days.
I hit up the local Family Christian Bookstore yesterday, and boy were there a lot of books about hell. It almost seemed like a fight taking place on a bookshelf. Love Wins, Erasing Hell, Heaven is Real, Christ Alone: An Evangelical Response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins…they were all placed next to each other. It was intense. 

Campus preachers.
I detest the preachers on campus screaming at students that they are going to hell. (Yes, hell is real. I agree.) The Jesus of these “preachers” is not the one I serve. Their goal is not to get these students to turn to Christ or even tell about salvation, it’s just complete condemnation.

What pressing issues have been on your mind lately? Seriously, how do you feel about candy pumpkins?


8 thoughts on “How do I feel about…

  1. “How does the least funny person on earth even get a show to cancel in the first place?”

    TOO MANY CABLE CHANNELS. Seriously, if consumers could choose only the channels they wanted, a bunch of the cable channels likely would die off pretty quickly. That would be a great thing. The stupid survives only because it’s packaged with the not-stupid.

  2. Oh, and Allstate wins the commercial for one very important reason: Dennis Haysbert. If Dennis Haysbert is in something, it’s automatically fantastic.

  3. Jonny Nagel says:

    You should be a writer for a prominent magazine or something. All of these are so great! Haha! Definitely agree that George Lopez is the least funny person on earth!

  4. lheathman says:

    Haha about the George Lopez comment!

    You crack me up. candy corn’s cooler brother…pah haha

  5. Ken Hagerman says:

    I think I will stick with the candy corn. It has a more manageable portion size so as not too interfere with my consciousness, not to mention you can break them off and make your very own Bubba teeth.

    As for Hell, it’s hot right now (stolen from Jon Acuff). It’s all hearsay from a lot of people not willing to go there to get a first hand account.

    It does seem to be the trend for teens to take their momentary soul mate on vacation with the fam. I can’t remember to many times I wanted to fess up to my girl that I had a family as a teen much less have her wedged in between Moms and Pops for a cheese-fest summer soiree . The whole buying gifts for MY girlfriend was a colossal fail. My Dad, through fits of uncontrollable laughter, pointed me to the classifieds to find a job. Consequently my girlfriend du jour suffered horrific gift envy at the hands of my friends parents and their lackluster performance.

    BTW, I jumped over from the guest post on Knox McCoy’s blog.

  6. hahaha i always just walk up to teen lovers and tell hem about their expiration dates. Esp here in russia where everyone 5months and older is makin on the subway.

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