Monday playlist. 9/19


September 19, 2011 by Kristen

My blog is suffering at the expense of “real-life” commitments. Shame. Here’s some music to help make amends.

1. Miss Friday–Nico Stai

2. Falling in Love–Ben Rector
(buy “Something Like This.” So good.)

3. Love Comes Back Around–Graham Colton

4. In This Life–Delta Goodrem

5. Touch–Natasha Bedingfield

6. Beggin’ on Your Knees–Victoria Justice
(Yes, this song is seriously on the playlist this week.) 

7. Sometime Around Midnight–Airborne Toxic Event
(Anytime I hear this song I just sigh at how much I love the lyrics.) 

8. Find Love–NLX

9. You Mean Everything to Me–Shawn Mullins
(this brings back such memories.) 

10. Hold My Heart–Sara Bareilles

Song to Get Through the Week:
Your Love is Strong–Jon Foreman


4 thoughts on “Monday playlist. 9/19

  1. Love Graham Colton. ❤ SO MUCH.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Okay, my fall playlist has a Victoria Justice song on it (You’re the Reason) and I didn’t think anyone would ever understand that.

    Airborne Toxic Event… genius. Love…that…song.

    Each week I look more and more forward to your Monday playlist.

  3. lheathman says:

    glad you’re back to blogging. Your readers were worried about where you had gone! (Namely, me). I almost cried.

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