Monday playlist. 9/12


September 12, 2011 by Kristen

Music Monday. Put in your headphones, grab your cup of coffee and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside your cubicle—it’s time to tune out and turn up the volume.

Today you get my favorite lyrics from each of the songs. Enjoy.

1. Static Waves–Andrew Belle feat. Katie Herzig
I count the steps from where I am to where I started

2. Torch Song–Shady Bard
I looked to you/You stole my life (This is one of those songs that will always remind me of the past.)

3. Lucky Now–Ryan Adams
The night will break your heart/Only if you’re lucky now

4. Be Be Your Love–Rachel Yamagata
Everything’s falling, and I am included in that (So good.)

5. Get in the Car & Drive–Blu Sanders
I’m not even sure I need this/How can I believe? 

6. I Missed You–Joshua Radin
I’m coming home/Just to let you know/That I missed you

7. Fire & Dynamite–Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
You make me nervous/You make my heart beat (I like this song. But hate the line: “You are a novel in a sea of magazines.” Lame lyrics.)

8. Made for Each Other–Emilie Mover
We were made for each other/for always (Love Emilie Mover. Want this song to be real life. Someday.)

9. Brand New Day–Trevor Hall
Come rise up/Come give love/What you waiting for? (You have no idea how long it took me to find this song after hearing it once on the radio in July. Google fail.)

10. One Light Wondering–Trent Dabbs
In your eyes, I could tell, I could see your one light, cuz the night just craves your sound. (so pretty.)

Pretty Song of the Week
Untitled–Ben Rector
New album available tomorrow, “Something Like This.” His music romances my heart.


One thought on “Monday playlist. 9/12

  1. lheathman says:

    You should listen to Every Other Way by BT.

    Really good!

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