Choose a Bible character


August 19, 2011 by Kristen

This post is based off a recent conversation with my sister and a good friend. My sister and I are both graduate students and my friend is a law student—naturally our conversations always turn to things that are intellectually stimulating*, such as:

What Bible character would maybe go to the club? 

Now this required some consideration. Picking Jezebel, Delilah, or Rahab because they’re  the “bad girls” of the Bible is too easy. Now Herod’s wife’s daughter seemed to enjoy dancing…but an evening with her could get weird. Maybe she’d prefer a different type of club and who knows what she’s going to order? David liked to dance too, but his wife gets pretty irked about it. Not worth the drama. And the winner was: Paul, though he wouldn’t be down to drink, he would accompany us because “in it not of it,” right? Perhaps some fellow club-goers would even get saved. Now that would make for a solid night.

This sparked the game of “Which Bible Character Would You Do What With?” I’m continuing the game in this post—

-Nude beach: Adam & Eve

-Unfortunate sleepover where no more beds are available & someone has to take the floor…Ruth is on it.

-Lounging on the lake with Noah in his Sperry’s and manpris.

-Waxing appointments with Esau.

-Halloween with my boy Lazarus. Best zombies ever.

-Speed dating with Solomon. “Your hair is like a flock of goats.” The ladies can’t resist that stuff.

-Lamaze class with Mary. The woman birthed the Messiah…she’s bound to have some super-helpful tips.

-Concert with Zacchaeus. Because he won’t block my view of the stage. And he could probably spot me some cash for the tickets.

-Watch Chariots of Fire with Elijah

How do you discuss theology with friends? Which Bible character would you do what with?

*Believe it or not, the original conversation was sparked by a discussion about the joys of booty popping. Are we just shaking what God gave us or is He appalled by our misuse of His fine craftsmanship? These are the tough questions I struggle with in my faith.



12 thoughts on “Choose a Bible character

  1. Well…I would NOT take a metalworking class with Aaron. That would end badly.

  2. Brooke says:

    this is so clever. my friend and i were laughing so hard! kristen, you got skillz

  3. Loved this conversation the other day…but you’re way too witty for me! lol

  4. How about a flash mob with Gideon? He’d cut the mob down to about 1% of its original size, but its impact would be impressive nonetheless.

  5. Knox McCoy says:

    A Shrek movie marathon with Balaam. He would see the donkey character and be all like NBD.

  6. Hahaha, I love the new ones you came up with! The Solomon/speed dating one had me cracking up. I loved this conversation so much.

  7. Russ Ray says:

    I would never attend a barbecue where Ezekiel was manning the grill. (ch.4)

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