Singleness doesn’t have to suck


August 16, 2011 by Kristen

While kickin’ it on a Saturday night at home in sweats with that special someone is fantastic, there are definitely some things that are best appreciated when you’re single:

-TLC’s “No Scrubs” and “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child is the jam. A go-to karaoke song on girl’s night.

-Staying up all night doing whatever. Surfing the web, reading blogs, catching up on mindless tv shows you missed during the week. You can lie in your bed with your laptop for hours and no one is going to ask you to turn off the light, turn down the volume, go to sleep, etc. Since I come alive between the hours of 12 and 2 am, this freedom is essential to my lifestyle.

-A better focus on your relationship with the Lord…letting it be your most important relationship. When there’s a significant other in the picture, it is more difficult to always keep Christ rightfully ranked as number one. This is also a great time to let a lot of the “junk” in your life be refined away.

-Judgment free nap time! You have the time and choose to spend it in a coma from 1-4pm? No problem. A personal favorite, as I am a staunch advocate of the judgment-free nap. Stop the prejudice against afternoon nappers.

Chillin’ in your casa, Risky Business style.

-No need to employ the “Hug & Roll” –a maneuver designed to end the cuddling and give you some space. This cracks me up. I cannot get any quality sleep unless I’m alone…I will often sleep on the floor over sleeping with someone else. (Just ask my friends about Chicago 2005 or Atlanta 2011)

-Complete freedom over hair decisions. Girls will claim they’re all independent— “I do what I want.” Yeah, if your man says, “Girls with short hair look like dudes,” there is no way you’re chopping off your long locks. No matter how amazing you would look with an Emma Watson pixie. Guys are slightly more resistant to letting a lady affect their hair decisions, but when she will no longer kiss your stubbly face because you’re giving her a facial rug burn—guess who’s gonna be clean-shaven the next day?

Offering verbal encouragement to shirtless runners when you’re driving.This happened once and wasn’t very Proverbs 31 of me. My sister was ashamed of my raucousness. But she’s married and I am just enjoying my youth…right?

-You can write posts about cute boys. Addition to the list: James Franco. Can’t believe I forgot him. He wrote a book and is currently teaching a class at NYU about transferring poetry to film. Sexy and smart. Total swoon. (See, you can’t gush like this unless you’re single.)

-Less stress when it comes to gift buying. Savor the reprieve from racking your brain trying to come up with the most thoughtful and perfect gift, emptying your bank account in the process. Let’s not discuss the stress of coming up with a gift idea for a significant other’s parents…

-Not spending hours on the phone. Granted, at the time it was worth it. But when I calculate the loss of sleep involved in those long nights that drove me to become a serial napper…ehh…

-There are still opportunities to be “enchanted.” It is exciting to meet new people and have that tingly feeling in your stomach called hope and possibility. It’s silly. It’s new. It’s fun. I met a boy a year ago and could only describe our five minute meeting as “completely enchanting.” Nothing came of that, but I like that there are still those opportunities to meet people that will “enchant” me for a moment… or maybe one day for forever.

Single ladies and gents—what do you love about being single?

Married people—is there anything you ever miss?


6 thoughts on “Singleness doesn’t have to suck

  1. Mandie Marie says:

    I just had a minor panic attack thinking about gifts for significant other’s parents. Seriously the worst part about being in a relationship. Also icky: receiving presents from significant other or significant other’s parents and hating it but having to use/wear it because significant other is still significant.

  2. I’m good with the staying up late thing. That’s gotten me in trouble, though, when I’ve had to be at my church’s 8am service. I’m used to going to bed late — my photography work seldom happens in the morning and my church office job starts at 10am — and I don’t adjust well to only one early morning per week. The problem is that almost nobody wants to be at the early service to help run sound & video, so…there I am.

    Also, good point on the hair freedom. I’ve settled on low-maintenance facial hair. It probably doesn’t help endear me to (most) women, but it doesn’t require much upkeep, and that makes me happy. Besides, I’ve never pretended to be stylish or fashionable. There’s no point in starting now.

  3. Brynn says:

    Girl, the hair thing is spot on. Boys like kisses. I don’t like kissing sand-paper. This gentle reminder is literally all it takes for the razor to come out from hiding.

  4. Kelsey says:

    Obsessed with you.

  5. Bushlings says:

    So few blogs like this one for people like me… no babies, men, stories on how to get the ring. How about we enjoy where we are because right now right here this is where we belong? Rock on sista!

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