Monday playlist. 8/15


August 15, 2011 by Kristen

What I’m listening to on my i-pod, old & new…or “walkman” as my mom recently called it…

1. That Year– Brandi Carlile

2. Poison & Wine– The Civil Wars
Let the record show, I liked them before VH1. In 2009. (hipster check?) But really, you should too. Gut-wrenchingly, wonderful song.

3. The Quiz– Hello Saferide

4. What I Want– Jon McLaughlin
I adore this man. New album “Forever if Ever”–Sept. 6

5. You Don’t Know Me– Ben Folds & Regina Spektor
The two together? Wonderful.

6. Dice– Finley Quaye.
Oh, the great music to be heard on Chuck.

7. Love-Jaeson Ma
The best definition of love I’ve ever heard.

8. Runaround Sue-G-Eazy
Runaround Sue was 11-year-old me’s favorite song. Weird, right? This remake is legit. 

9. Someone Like You– Matt Wertz
Saw him with Ben Rector a few months ago. Magical.

10. Smack Into You -Jon McLaughlin
This song absolutely melts my heart. His version is better than Beyonce’s…duh. 

11. Heaven– Ian McIntosh
Went on an Ian McIntosh kick this week while writing papers. Forgot how absolutely beautiful this song is.

12. Synthesizers -Butch Walker
This is just fun. New album “The Spade”– August 30th. 

Pretty Song of the Week:
The Circus Sets Up– Water for Elephants Soundtrack
Check out the Tyce Diorio So You Think You Can Dance routine to this song–amazing!


One thought on “Monday playlist. 8/15

  1. Loved the video for Runaround Sue! And the Water for Elephants SYTYCD. Love these Monday Playlists! 🙂

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