Things my Facebook page won’t tell you…


July 31, 2011 by Kristen

Sometimes I don’t feel like I “fit” in the right categories. Like I’m some sort of anomaly…

There’s the category most people automatically place me in…

The girl who can spend hours in Sephora. Or sees the words “clearance” and “shoes” together on the same sign–and can totally rationalize the need for another pair of stilettos.  The girl who at 22 years old is still wearing bows in her hair and pink heart-shaped sunglasses. She lives vicariously through the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance and gets high off the exercise-induced endorphins of Zumba. Yeah okay, agreed…I am definitely that girl.

But then there’s the less “feminine” side of my personality…

The girl who wears man-pants around the house and lifts weights for fun. Who plays fantasy hockey and discusses things like the NHL draft and Spartan football at length with her brother-in-law. Who would rather help out with a high school hockey team, than coach cheerleading. When she’s stressed, she just has to sweat it out with a pair of boxing gloves. A girl who enjoys shooting tin cans off a dock, quotes Pineapple Express, and thinks Bear Grylls has nothing on Survivorman.

Then there’s a million other facets…

The girl who has a playlist for everything. Is obsessed with language. Writes things that no one will ever be allowed to read. Gets lost in music. Insists that all her stuffed animals are male and must be named after literary characters.  Loves discussing Jesus with girlfriends over Hazelnut coffee.

Of course, there’s the category I hate…

Because she’s a Christian, it’s assumed she’s automatically passing judgment on you about absolutely everything. She’s a goody-two-shoes who can’t have any fun and thinks she’s better than you…subsequently, she can’t be permitted to make any mistakes. The girl who has to analyze every word she says, so as not to come across as too pushy about her beliefs, but not too passive either.

I don’t think anyone ever fits the categories people try to put them in. We all blur the lines and furiously bang on the walls of the boxes people put us in. We don’t like to be categorized…so why do we do it to other people? We need to return to the days of actually getting to know people. Through more than a head-t0-toe appraisal of their appearance, one ten minute conversation, or a scan of their Facebook page. My “About Me” section on my Facebook page won’t tell you what you need to know. It actually takes time to get to know people, to uncover their stories and the complex layers that make up a human being.

Unfortunately, time seems to be a currency few people are willing to spend these days.


2 thoughts on “Things my Facebook page won’t tell you…

  1. Kristin says:

    I just stumbled across your blog from another and you sound just like me (and we even have the same name, just spelled differently and I think we both may live in the same state – I saw your post about guys and you mentioned the Red Wings?!) At any rate, I love what you write. I totally agree with you about getting to really know people. I love facebook and it’s great for networking, but I hate that people rely on it too much. I’d rather get a cup of coffee and invest time getting to know someone. At any rate, I’ll get off my soapbox!

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